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<h3>About FlyFizz</h3>

<p>FlyFizz is an evolving webspace dedicated to enabling the exchange of information relating to one growing subfield of <em>Drosophila</em> brain physiology: understanding how neural circuits generate behavior by applying electrophysiological and optical imaging techniques, particularly in behaving flies. We hope this space will become a repository for supplemental information regarding published techniques, as well as a community forum for discussion, software distribution and job postings.</p>


<p>Technical details of the just-published methods manuscript on two-photon imaging from tethered walking <em>Drosophila</em> are available <ac:link ac:tooltip="Imaging flies on a ball"><ri:page ri:content-title="Drosophila-on-a-ball" /><ac:link-body>here</ac:link-body></ac:link>.</p>

<h3>To Join</h3>

<p>If you would like to contribute tools and tips to FlyFizz.org, please send an email to either Gwyneth Card (cardg{at]janelia.hhmi.org) or Vivek Jayaraman (vivek[at]janelia.hhmi.org). </p>